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Being a Pastor’s son people always asked me…

If I was going to “follow in my father’s footsteps” and be in the ministry. I always laughed and told them “no way” or '“that’s not for me.” I had seen the hardest parts of ministry my entire life and decided I didn’t want to bear that burden.

Then around the age of 16, things began to change. Instead of not caring about my relationship with God and seldom picking up a Bible, God began to stir in my heart a passion that I had never felt before.

As a few good friends began to fall to the wayside, I found myself with a strong desire to worship God and get to know Him like never before. Pushing harder and harder to see what God had for my life, a good friend of mine, Craig Hart, and I started witnessing to the unsaved on the streets. Not caring about what anyone thought, we would pray for people to be healed and delivered in places like “The Strand” on Galveston and the streets around Houston.

As the fire of the Lord grew in my spirit, I started the “Friday Night Prayer Meetings.” We would invite many people from all walks of life and age groups over, share a word from the Lord, and pray for people until the early hours of the morning. In those meetings I saw that the power of God wasn’t just for big named evangelists, but that we have access to it as well, if we would only ask.

The next door that God opened from there was to be a Youth Pastor in Rockport, Texas. Starting from a small group of teenagers, I made a large impact in the young people of that town even with already established youth groups in such close proximity.

While in Rockport, I was able to start something new for my ministry, a monthly healing service. This is where I would discover my true gift of praying for the sick. Each service I would go and minister under the same anointing that I developed while ministering on the streets and the prayer meetings.

Healing Sevice Pic.jpg

It was in those services I started to experience the true power of the Holy Spirit. It seemed like every service grew in popularity and fire. As I began to rely on the healing power of God, more and more miracles happened. One after another, God was faithful to His Word when He told us to pray for the sick “and they will recover.”

My gifts didn’t go unnoticed. One day a minister from Africa came to see my ministry in action and extended an invitation for me to minister in his part of the world. I accepted.

I spent a total of 10 days inUganda, Africa. Ministering in all formats from clay huts to evangelistic crusades held in soccer stadiums. Many miracles were witnessed and many souls were saved. While in Africa, I learned a powerful lesson. God is just as willing to do a miracle in America as He is in Africa, we just have to be willing to ask.

Soon after, my family and I moved from Rockport to Ontario, California to work with a church plant. I was the director for Evangelistic Growth and Young Adults Pastor. While out in California, I had a chance to see God use the gifts that He had given me work in application, seeing new people come to church and be touched by God.

From California, I moved back to Texas to begin to focus on my career as a full time Evangelist. My family and I currently are living in the Houston, Texas area and are eager to see God’s next steps for our life.

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